Welcome to your Apex Driving Event! Whether this is your first event or one of many, our goal is to help you be a better driver when you leave at the end of the day, and of course have a great time enjoying your car.
At Apex Driver Training, safety is our primary concern. The job of our experienced instructor/coaches is to help you learn your driving skill limits and expand that performance envelope in a safe way. Many years of "seat time" have taught our instructors to feel the car's responses to your inputs and anticipate any handling issues before they occur. Our staff will help you "learn to listen" to your car, all the while building your confidence on the track.


The Apex organization offers a safe and highly comprehensive single day of advanced driver training, delivered through one-on-one experiences on a closed professional track. Driving a high performance car can be exhilarating and Apex will bring you closer to understanding the potential of your vehicle, while recognizing your safety as our absolute and primary concern. A collective total of 126 years of high level coaching experience comes with our 10-core instructor group, who are committed to respecting your safety and personal comfort zone with our compelling blend of driving, learning and excitement.